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Airiti Incorporation

Airiti Incorporation, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a Chinese e-content provider of Chinese academic e-journals, Taiwanese academic e-journals, classical art images to more than 450 libraries in 2006 and has extended to more than 72,000 libraries in 112 countries and territories around the world.

Taiwan Academic Classics

Taiwanese database company, UnitedDigital Publications Co., Ltd.  “Taiwan Academic Classics” (TAC) is a full-text searchable platform containing 2 billion characters and 100,000 dissertations. It covers from 1928 to present and includes most Taiwanese core/notable journals of humanities and social sciences. Concerning the special history and geographical location of Taiwan, this database also contains magazines and resources of the Chinese republican era.  Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, TAC contains the deepest, broadest, most penetrating, and tolerant outlook to understand Chinese speaking world and contemporary Taiwan. It features its exclusive historical archive of The Republic of China and unique art databases as well. So, please go deep into sinology and modern China and Taiwan via Taiwan Academic Classics. Click http://tac.udpweb.com/ for trial and more.

Sinica Sinoweb database

Sinica Sinoweb provides full-text access to the archive of 14 journals from Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, with the earliest dating back to as early as 1928.

Academia Historica

Academia Sinica

Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Division of Life Sciences

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

National Taiwan University Institutional Repository,

National Taiwan University Institutional Repository including dissertations, theses, scholarly publications by their faculty members.

National Central Library

National Museum of History

National Museum of Taiwan History

Taiwan Studies Collection, National Taiwan University Library

Research Center for Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University Library


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TV omrežja

  • PTS (Public Television Service)
  • CTS (Chinese Television System)
  • CTV (China Television)
  • TTV (Taiwan Television)
  • FTV (Formosa Television)
  • Hakka TV (Hakka Television Station, cable TV)
  • Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV, cable TV)
  • SET (Sanhli E-Television, cable TV)
  • ETV (Era Television, cable TV)
  • TVBS (Television Broadcasts Satellite)
  • CTiTV (China Times TV)
  • ERATV (ERA Television)